November 8th 2023:

Hello dudes, this is Sam, we are currently working on shipping a few delayed items, I´ve been out due to medical issues since late october and have been going to doctor´s appointments and what not, not an excuse but wanted to let you know what´s been going on lately.

Cushions and PILLOW CASES will continue to be available through the rest of this week.

Hope you all had an awesome halloween.


2023 IS HERE!!!

So 2023 is here and I personally wanted to wish you all an awesome year.

This year we will try our best to continue making cool stuff for you guys, I have a lot of ideas and will try to make them come to life. 

As some may know in the past we were printing stuff for other dudes, brands, bands, etc. but this year we will not be printing stuff, my current job is becoming very demanding and I have very little time to be overlooking printing times and all the details that come with...I hope you guys can understand where I am coming from by saying this.

For all those that have been supporting us through this past few months (the hardest months this brand has ever had) I want to thank you from the bottom of my rotton heart, I really appreciate it, for real, thank you :D

For those that have done what they can to make us look bad in front of others and asked people not to buy from us or to stop sharing our stuff, I want to thank you too.

-Sam January 5th, 2023.


June 6th, 2022.

Hey how´s it all going, so as you may have noticed, our old IG account got closed for good, there was a complaint about the use of a specific character and that was it.

We have already removed that character´s merch, if you ordered it please note that in order to avoid any further problems we will have to change that shirt for new design.

Follow us in our new IG account @neverdiepizzaclub

Spread the word, we lost all contacts and followers so It would really mean a lot.

Hope all is good and stay safe. Much love.



It´s our five year anniversary!, Huge thanks to you all for all the support through out this first 5 years, you guys have been with us through our ups and downs and we really appreciate all the love.

For this 5 years we decided to create a second version of our first shirt (the big bosses shirt which was BASED on krang, shredder, bebop and rocksteady), but this time we added a bunch of other characters.

Each character has a story in my personal life and that´s why I chose them.

For example GROUNDCHUCK, when I was young I never had the chance to have the bebop figure, when groundchuck was being sold at our local Kay-Bee toys my parents gave that figure to me and he became a team with rocksteady among my figures.

And just like that each one has a personal story behind them.

As some of you might know I decides to name the brand Never Die because the most beloved memories I have from my father are related to tmnt, and those memories Never Die.

Hope you guys are doing well, and If you took the time to read this first blog entry thanks so muck for your time.


-Sam  @13halloweens